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Tracy Whiteside
Elburn, IL US

Tracy Whiteside is an award-winning, internationally exhibited fine art photographer specializing in dark art and fantasy images. Her work has been printed in fashion, art, and literature publications, magazines, and on book covers.

About Me and My Art
A photographer since 2004, I have worked in the fashion business and horticulture industry, taught musical theatre, owned a theatre company and talent agency, all of which have brought me to this point.

Creative photography allows us to “sightsee” the ideas that frighten or intrigue us. This type of art awakens a part of our imagination that is rarely engaged. Exploring other worlds develops our creative problem-solving skills and our analytical abilities.

I create nightmare-inspired art for women's mental health and healing. There is great comfort in knowing that we are not alone. Belonging is a basic human need. We all need to be accepted for who we are including the creepy thoughts, the sadness, depression, distress, or shame.

The fantasy-influenced art I make is a means of emotional escape from that darkness. We need flights of fancy, daydreams, and illusions as relief. This helps us cope with life's hardships. 


2023 Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, Honorable Mention, Fine Art Category 2 Single Images Plus 1 Series; Open Theme Category 1 Image; Women Seen by Women Category 1 Series
2023 Fine Art Photography Awards, Honorable Mention, 1 Series and 2 Single Images
2023 Monochrome International Photography Awards, Honorable Mention
2022 WINNER, Artistic Category, Smithsonian Photography Contest
2022 Lucie Foundation Portrait Project Finalist
2022 Envision Arts, “Halloween” Exhibition, 2 Honorable Mentions
2022 Utopia Awards Art Finalist
2021  London Photo Festival October Winner
2021  Julia Margaret Cameron Award 2 Honourable Mentions
2021   Albe Art Gallery, Honorable Mention
2020 London Photo Festival December Winner
2020 International Photography Awards (IPA),
Honorable Mention
2020 The Artist's Circle Gallery "America the Beautiful" Exhibition, Texas-Honorable Mention


2022 Darkwood House, Independence, MO
2021 “Shadowed Souls” Exhibition, Ghoulish Mortals, St. Charles, IL


2023 Obscurity Brewery, "Gallery of Shadows" Exhibition, Elburn, IL


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Guest photography instructor for Side Street Studio Arts, Elgin, IL


2023 Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center, “Dark Art 2023” Exhibition, Fort Myers, FL
2023 Envision Kindness Photo Contest, 2023
2023 Promoting Passion Exhibition, Dahlonega, GA
2023 Obscurity Brewery, "Gallery of Shadows" Exhibition, Elburn, IL
2023 Dark Parlour, "Spooktober" Exhibition, York, PA
2023 The Chateau Gallery, “In Dreams” Exhibition, Louisville, KY
2023 Morris Gallery of Contemporary Art, Marshall, MO

2022 Crete “Creative Halloween Horror Art” Showcase, Crete, IL
2022 Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center, “Dark Art” Exhibition, Fort Myers, FL
2022 Jacoby Arts Center, “Phantasmagoria” Exhibition, Alton, IL
2022 GalleryX, “Icons of a New Religion” Exhibition, Dublin, Ireland
2022 Side Street Studio, “THE LONG RED LINE” Exhibition, Elgin, IL
2022 Revolution Gallery, "Messages From a Secret Place" 2 Person Exhibition, Buffalo, New York
2022 Blank Wall Gallery, "Portraits" Exhibition, Athens, Greece
2021  Millepiani Exhibition Space "It's Magic. A Beyond Experience" Show, Rome, Italy
2021  Side Street Studio Arts "Something Wicked 2021" Exhibition, Elgin, IL
2021  Isacson Arts' "Dangerous Lullabies VII" Dole Mansion, Crystal Lake, IL
2021  Harley Clarke Mansion "A House, Haunted" Exhibition, Evanston, IL
2021  DePaul University Humanities Center "Horror of the Humanities IX"
2021   Side Street Studio Arts "Going Dutch" Festival, Elgin, IL
2021   Albe Art Gallery, St. Petersburg, Abu Dhabi
2021   Lacuna Festivals International Contemporary Art "Distance" Exhibition, Las Palmas, Spain
2021   The Stable Gallery, Worldwide-Instagram Exhibition
2021   NOMA Gallery, "Venus Rising" Exhibition, Ocala, Florida
2021   Art4All, "Spring Colors Show" Exhibition, Romania
2021   The Gallery by MUI, "Little Stories We Tell Ourselves" Exhibition
2021   Envision Arts Show, "For the Love of Art III" Exhibit, Texas
2021   Judgement Show, UK
2021   Revolution Gallery, "Mini Masterpieces" Exhibition, Buffalo, NY
2020  Los Angeles Center of Photography Public Gallery
2020 Arts for Illinois Visual Arts Gallery
2020 Artist's Circle, Orange Exhibition, Tyler, TX
2020 Sfumato International Online Art Exhibition by Arte Estetica and Artesse Gallery Italy
2020 Syzygy Art Collab,  "Dark Art" Exhibition, Davis Art Center, Fort Meyers, Florida
2020 Tall Sequoia Gallery, "Abstract My World" Exhibition, Toronto
2020 Push/Pull, "In Toto Virtual Exhibition"
2020 Kentuck Museum and Gallery "Art to Make You Smile" Exhibition, Alabama
2020 National Council on Aging, Arlington, Virginia
2020 Happy Gallery Chicago, "Still Relevant" Exhibit, Chicago
2020 Marvelous Art Gallery, "Surrealism" Exhibition, Istanbul
2020 Revolution Gallery, "Mini Masterpieces" Exhibition, Buffalo, New York
2019 Loosen Art Int'l Group Exhibition "About Future" Rome, Italy
2019 Blank Wall Gallery "Fine Art" Exhibition, Athens, Greece
2019 Blank Wall Gallery "Black and White" Exhibition, Athens, Greece
2018 Water Street Studios Anniversary, Batavia, IL
2018 St. Charles  Arts Fest, St. Charles, IL 

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