Artist's Statement

While I have been working in photography for 15 years, much of that has been headshots and portraits.  It has only been in the last year or so that I have broken out of my comfort zone and discovered the remarkable world of surrealism.  I find Joyce Tenneson’s work to be sublime.  Once I came upon Brooke Shaden, Kirsty Mitchell and Jennifer Thoreson, I was hooked.  There are just too many artists to list.  I watched every possible video to learn these techniques. ​

Children are often my inspiration and subjects since I have worked with them in musical theatre for many years.  Theatre has influenced the fantasy aspect of my work, but the imagination of young people is the driving force.  They tell me about their strange but wonderful dreams and nightmares, their fabrications, their creations.  Kids are mind-blowing because no one has told them yet that their ideas are weird.  Inspiration comes from music—the visuals that the lyrics and sounds create in my head.  I am currently obsessed with Billie Eilish. Imagine Dragons is a major favorite.  Both have sounds that are exceptional; unique. Lorde and Panic At The Disco play a factor as well.  But I also listen to Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.  So make of that what you will.​

I prefer to create series of threes rather than individual images.  For me, threes form balance.  Although on occasion, I feel that one image is enough to tell the story.  Photoshop is the tool I use to create the illusion on top of the reality that I photograph.  I like to use texture over the images to reinforce the feeling of a dream state, and often use vignettes to give the viewer the feeling of peeking into that dream. ​  For the creatives and little visionaries who inspire me, these photos may well be like ‘the movie is never as good as the book.’  But I aspire to interpret their words into images in my style to share with the world.