Before and After

This courageous woman had her photo session last week. She is a mom, sister, aunt, friend, baker, fashionista. She is strong, resilient, compassionate, kind. We wanted the outside to match the inside. We all love a good transformation. A great makeover can build your confidence and give you a more positive outlook. It can help you through tough times. Look at her now...

Real People Model Search

I am looking for ‘models’ to build my portfolio. Actually, I have a huge portfolio, but with all the changes and the moves in the last 1.5 years, I have put all my energy into the Arts Center and little to none into photography. Go to (no longer .net) for more information, but I will be trying out some new techniques and lighting set ups. I need a variety of ages, looks, ethnicities, sizes, heights—primarily adults. Each shoot will be tailored to the individual. I may do some small groups of students for the Arts Center website and advertising. Each shoot will take 2-3 hours depending on hair and makeup. There will be a “before” shot (hair pulled back/no makeup) th

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