Senior Portraits Baby!

High School Students: Be the star of a photoshoot! Senior portraits, Sweet 16, Quinceanera, Actor headshots, Model photos. YOU decide the style. Glam or casual or a little bit of both. Each session is designed just for you. Hair and makeup included. Your photo session should be as unique as you are. Join the email list to receive a $100 gift certificate towards your photo session.


I know there are a lot of what we call “shoot and burn” photographers out there. They photograph you and then burn a disk or thumb drive and hand it over. Yes, they are much cheaper than the rest of us, but we wonder: can’t your sister or friend do that? Why do you need to pay anyone at all? And how many of those photographs have you printed and framed? Or given as gifts? Professional photographers pride ourselves on creating exquisite images for you. Most of us have had many years of training and practice. We have made investments in the best equipment. We want our clients to look nothing short of amazing. We aren’t interested in a quick buck. Of course we understand why you want di

Looking for High School Junior Models

It's that time of year when we start promoting Senior Portrait sessions, and I am looking for some area high school juniors to be models for my website, promotional materials, etc. I need guys and girls of all ethnicities that will be graduating in 2019. You will be doing a group shoot on a date and in a style that we all agree upon. You will receive digital copies from this shoot at no charge. Please email me at no later than March 1st if you are interested. I will send more detail. Thanks <3

Why I Include Professional Hair and Makeup in Portrait Sessions:

- The time spent in hair and makeup helps you relax. It will minimize your stress. You become more comfortable in the environment. I think this is much better than you walking in the door and me immediately putting you in front of a camera. -Professional hair and makeup will build your confidence because the artist is making you look beautiful. And looking beautiful makes you feel beautiful. -Pros know makeup and hair tips and tricks you may not know. They will certainly know how to accentuate your best features. -These artists know how to apply makeup for studio lights. You will be camera ready for the entire session. -This is a luxury experience. You should feel special. You shou

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