6 Secrets to Posing Like a Model

Most of us care what we look like in photos. Here are some little secrets I share with my clients. No one is perfectly symmetrical. Angle your body slightly away from center of the camera. Extend your limbs. Don't keep your arms against your sides or your legs together. Point your toes. Even a small amount will make your legs look longer and definitely more elegant. Elongate your neck. Don’t let it collapse into your collar or shoulders Don’t point your knees or elbows directly to the camera. Those body parts will look distorted. Chin out and down to avoid the dreaded double chin. It feels weird but it looks great in the camera.

12 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Photographer

Every photographer is different.There are no standards in the industry, which makes it hard for clients to compare.So you need to ask a lot of questions.There isn’t a right or wrong answer to these questions.But these are things you should know so that there is no confusion later.Your photographer should cover these points with you, but like all humans, we sometimes make mistakes. What is included in the shoot? Will it be natural lighting or studio lights? Will we be shooting indoors or outdoors? Is there a theme to my shoot? Is retouching included? If so, how many images? How long until I am able to see proofs? What is included in the packages? Will I have printing rights? Will I receive d

What Undergarments To Wear At Your Photo Shoot

This is an often overlooked category. Until you are in the dressing room at your photo session. WOMEN -Nude strapless bra – padded or not. -Black strapless bra – padded or not. -Spanx if you like. -Nude briefs or thong. -Black briefs or thong. -Wear items that look great under your clothing, and that make you feel glamorous. GIRLS -Nude spaghetti strap tank top. -Black spaghetti strap tank top. -No Spanx or similar. Let’s not make girls feel bad about their weight. That will happen soon enough. :( -Nude briefs. GUYS OF ALL AGES -A thin undershirt. -Solid boxer briefs. You have it so much easier. Just be comfortable. EVERYONE: Try your clothing on with your undergarments. Ma


First images as shot. Second image without archival ink or paper. I know it’s tempting to go the cheapest route and go to a local consumer printer (Walgreens, Target, etc.) to have prints made. But let me tell you what you are giving up. 1. Professional printers make 100% color accuracy and consistency a priority. Every print is hand checked. 2. Professional printers use the finest acid-free, archival paper so that your image doesn’t start to fade after a year. 3. Pro printers use archival ink which is acid-free, smudge-proof and water-proof. 4. They offer exceptional customer service to your photographer to ensure your order is correct. 5. Many have online programs the photographer can u

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