More Photography Talk

I am now tethered. That means my camera feeds right into my laptop. Not only will this automatically store the images in a 2nd place (in addition to the card in the camera) but the image will pop up in Lightroom (an Adobe program) on my laptop so I can get a better look at the image. It’s hard to see some things on the back of the camera, even if you blow up the image. On my laptop, I can see the full size. I had a chance to test it out at the Q Center. LOVE. IT. I think you will all enjoy the fact that the black contraption holding the orange cord on the camera is called a "jerk stopper." If they only made that for humans ;) Focus on what matters most.

Behind-the-Scenes Set Up from the Q Center Photo Shoot

On Monday I spent the entire day at the Q Center taking headshots for Accenture. First, I want to say that the Q Center is epic! I’ve passed by it before, but I have never been inside. It is spectacular. Very well-maintained, everyone is so nice and organized. Accenture was there for a conference. Q Center really does it up right. They had a beautiful spread of food and drink, little plates, the whole deal. Well done, Q Center. Here is a replica of the set up I brought for the headshots. The round light is called a beauty dish. Because everyone is beautiful. Also because it provides even, flat light to the face. This kind of light hides a lot of skin issues such as wrinkles and bl

My Top 5 Smart Decisions

1. Working out of my house. This is the best decision ever. I don’t need to accept projects I don’t want to do. I can work as much or as little as I like. If a client reschedules or is late, it’s no big deal. I can find a million things to do instead. 2. Using Styrofoam backdrops. These can be painted any color. I can paint one side and wallpaper the other. And Styrofoam is incredibly easy to move. 3. Adding consultations. Clients are so much more prepared. I haven’t had anyone show up with the wrong clothes. It makes the resulting images exceedingly better. 4. Printing images. I just can’t say enough about how important this is. When showing a client their printed images

10 Posing Tips for Men

I know that almost everything I write is for the women, but now it’s your turn. Guys want to look good, too. Here are some easy tips for you: Unlike women, guys want to look wider-especially in the shoulders so keep them square to the camera. You can turn your face slightly left or right. Push your chin forward and down. Even if you are not worried about a double chin, a strong jaw is the hallmark of a handsome male model. There’s this thing called the squinch. If I ever photograph you, ask me about it. If there is a wall nearby, lean on it with your shoulder. Put one hand in your front or back pocket. The other can just hang, relaxed. Or both hands can go in the pockets. That one hand

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