Happy Holidays, My Friends! This has been a weird and wonderful year for me. Although they spelled my last name wrong, or forgot part of my last name, another magazine printed my work and frankly I'm astonished. But I mean, look at that girl. Her name is Natalie B. and she was a student of mine at the theatre. She honestly doesn't know she's gorgeous. A huge thanks to her parents for helping, and to Cathy Schwanebeck for hair and makeup. I miss my theatre families like crazy, but I do get to see some of them when they model for me. Like this one. Looking forward to viewing you through my lens ;)

I am NOT Shallow.

Still obsessing over fashion and beauty images, I wanted to mention that while many people think this is shallow and frivolous, fashion and beauty IS art. It’s not painting and sculpting in a traditional sense, but it’s art nonetheless. I believe that art is critical to our well-being. Art heals our soul. It doesn't matter if you are creating, listening, watching, observing, it's like laughter. We all need it. There are countless studies about the healing properties of art and laughter. Art in fashion allows people to express themselves and be creative in ways they can’t in everyday life. This type of art can change your mood, change the way others view you, and change the world-- ev

Failure to Blog

Model: Nikki Ilendo Hair and Makeup: Ren Alexandra I’ve been a bad, bad photographer. Or a bad marketer. Definitely a bad marketer. I’m told you should blog every week. Well it’s been weeks since I blogged. Those of you that know me well know I can be obsessive. My latest obsession that has kept me from blogging is fashion photography. This is, of course, because of my trip to NYC for the fashion and beauty intensive I took with Lindsay Adler. Being published was never on my to-do list, but after my trip in October where Lindsay encouraged us all to get it done, I started thinking about it. Obsessively. Then I did it. And then I started submitting. And much to my surprise my wor

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