Winter Fantasy Shoot

Tracy Whiteside Photography in Philocaly Magazine and the lovely Danielle Levea. Beautiful skin, beautiful person. Experienced model with endless, clever poses. This isn't the type of image that gets into a fashion magazine very often. The shoot was a personal project about winter fantasy characters, but then I saw a call in Philocaly for this look and well, yeah, they printed it!!

Tracy Whiteside Photography in Vogue Italia

There are few things as cool as being validated by Vogue Italia. Well, there are probably a lot of things as cool but I was shocked and thrilled. Ren Alexandra, the stunning model, was such a great sport while I experimented with shutter drag. That’s when you set the camera so the shutter stays open and you move the camera to get motion blur. She is always a delight to photograph. I love her smile and energy.

Pink Beauty Photography Editorial

Life isn’t so positive right now. Rising debt, politics, bad news everywhere. Pink, in every shade, is a color associated with innocence and childhood. No wonder it’s so popular. Pink takes us back to a time less complicated. Tracy Whiteside Photography in Lyun Magazine with the charming Ren Alexandra.

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