Dark Beauty

She will tell you a story that will freeze your soul

Dark beauty is unconventional, without question.  But for someone like me, who spent her youth in clubs sporting black spiky hair and black lipstick, it's not really that odd.  I wasn't goth, but loved hanging out with that group.  They were the coolest, nicest people.  I obsessed over the music of The Cure, Flesh For Lulu, Gene Loves Jezebel -- the list is endless  Still like the music, but can't pull off the black lipstick.  So I placate myself with photographing models in the looks I would wear now.  Dark Beauty combines edgy fashion, avant garde makeup, and the best type of art-photography.  There will always be a group that leans toward Punk, Emo, Goth, Scene or whatever cool name is coined next.  I will be there with my camera.