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Limited Edition Fine Art Print OUT OF THE MIST

$300.00 USD

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Women may feel trapped for a variety of reasons. One common cause is a sense of feeling stuck or stagnant in one's life, unable to make progress or move forward in a meaningful way. This can be the result of a lack of opportunities or resources, and can lead to feelings of frustration, hopelessness, and despair. Other factors that can contribute to feelings of entrapment include social or cultural pressures, negative self-talk or limiting beliefs, and a lack of support or connection with others. These feelings can be particularly difficult to shake, as they often stem from deep-seated emotional or psychological issues that require time and effort to address. However, with the right tools, such as therapy, support groups, or self-reflection, it is possible to break free from symbolic entrapment and live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

The photo depicts a woman who is wrapped in sheer fabric and appears to be trying to escape from the surrounding smoke. The image is both haunting and powerful, evoking a sense of danger and vulnerability. She attempts to break free from the suffocating smoke. The sheer fabric draping over her body adds to the ethereal quality of the image, making it seem as if the woman is trapped in a dreamlike state.


Fantasy art is sold as superior, deluxe prints on finely textured paper. This achieves the exceptional presentation I require for this type of work.


These sizes are available by special order:

24x36" edition of 5 for $1,250 each

16x24" edition of 10 for $600 each

12x18" edition of 15 for $300 each

Special orders will not be signed. A certificate of authenticity will be mailed to you. Portion of the sales are paid to model.

Due to the wide variety of personal preferences, prints will not be framed.


Fantasy Art is printed using the highest archival standards with a superior surface, distinct texture, luxurious feel, substantial longevity, and optimal color density.

Photo Rag Metallic Paper by Hahnemühle is used.  It is 100% cotton paper with a shimmery, glossy finish. Its refined texture with underlying metallic elements makes it ideal for reproducing bold colors and deep blacks.

Art will be shipped at no charge directly from the printer (Kansas, Missouri, or Minnesota), unsigned, and a certificate of authenticity will be mailed to you.


PayPal ONLY please. PayPal offers a payment plan.



Each print is handcrafted and made to order exclusively for you. Returns are not accepted.

All art is insured and is expertly packaged. Any damage in transit may be claimed with the carrier. Please contact me within 10 days with any issues and I will do my best to resolve.

If you purchase your art through a gallery, please discuss return policies directly with the gallerist prior to purchase.

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