Quick Guide to Posing:

It’s the holidays. Everyone is going to be taking photos. Family, friends, your friends’ family. How can you look you best? Here are a few ideas: -whatever is closest to the camera looks biggest -lean into the camera with your head and shoulders, not your hips -maintain a bend in your elbows so that your arms are not flat against your body—that just make you look wider -push your chin out and down to avoid the dreaded double chin -don’t smile hard-no gums or squinty eyes in the photos -always think to yourself that you are saying to the person taking the picture, “I know a secret.” Not out loud of course, but in your head. It will give you a cute look on your face. -think hard about making silly (weird) faces because, well, social media. Maybe practice some at home in the mirror. Happy Posing!!

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