Why I Include Professional Hair and Makeup in Portrait Sessions:

- The time spent in hair and makeup helps you relax. It will minimize your stress. You become more comfortable in the environment. I think this is much better than you walking in the door and me immediately putting you in front of a camera.

-Professional hair and makeup will build your confidence because the artist is making you look beautiful. And looking beautiful makes you feel beautiful.

-Pros know makeup and hair tips and tricks you may not know. They will certainly know how to accentuate your best features.

-These artists know how to apply makeup for studio lights. You will be camera ready for the entire session.

-This is a luxury experience. You should feel special. You should be treated like a star.

I don’t like the idea of a “makeover” which insinuates that you don’t look great every day. I think your photos should look like you on your very best day. Maybe you on your very best evening.

However, all that being said, you are still in control of how much makeup the artist applies as well as how your hair is done. We have a chart so you can point to the makeup level you want. Or you can bring a photo from home, from a magazine, or from the internet. This goes for both hair and makeup.

I didn’t forget the men and kids—most of you still need a touch of makeup and some hairstyling. The hair/makeup artist also serves as my assistant. The assistant helps me by holding reflectors, straightening your clothes, getting your hair out of face, etc.

These images will last forever. They are your legacy. Future generations will cherish these photos. I want you to look your absolute best.

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