I know there are a lot of what we call “shoot and burn” photographers out there. They photograph you and then burn a disk or thumb drive and hand it over. Yes, they are much cheaper than the rest of us, but we wonder: can’t your sister or friend do that? Why do you need to pay anyone at all? And how many of those photographs have you printed and framed? Or given as gifts?

Professional photographers pride ourselves on creating exquisite images for you. Most of us have had many years of training and practice. We have made investments in the best equipment. We want our clients to look nothing short of amazing. We aren’t interested in a quick buck.

Of course we understand why you want digitals, and most photographers provide these along with the prints. But please remember you are not paying for the paper and ink. You are paying for our expertise, our editing skills, our art. You are paying for the creation of the image. The print and the digital file are only the ways we deliver that image to you.

We print your images so that you will put them on the wall and enjoy them. Maybe give some to grandma as a gift. That’s what we live for. These prints will outlive all of us. Who in future generations will be looking through your computer files for your photos?

If you purchase a 16x24” print, we want it to be crisp, not blurry and pixelated. We use the best printers in the country to provide you with the best quality product. p.s. You don’t have access to these printers because they only work with professional photographers.

Prints are emotional. They make your heart sing. Prints are tangible, classic, timeless, and everlasting.

The best shoot and burn photographers are cheating themselves. The worst are cheating you.

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