I Need Your Help

There is a debate among photographers regarding if we should post our prices on our website. Some photographers feel that they want to talk to the customer first and tell them about their services before giving prices. I totally understand that. As a consumer, I don’t think I would call a photographer or a similar business if the prices were not on the website. It makes me think that they are hiding something or “if you have to ask you can’t afford it.” Are they giving everyone the same price?

I don’t want to be sold to. I can make my own decisions. And the harder someone tries to sell me, the more I am pushed away. It’s like when you go to a clothing store and you are greeted at the door. That is partly for anti-theft reasons (it’s harder to steal from someone you have exchanged pleasantries with), and partly to let you know they are there to help. That’s all fine; I get it. But if they follow me around the store it makes me crazy. I feel like they think I’m going to steal something. I can’t get out of there fast enough.

All of this has nothing to do with photography, I just wanted to vent. :) But back to the original subject. I would love to hear your opinion on how you feel about pricing being listed on a service business’ website. Does it matter either way? If you liked their work, would you call to inquire about prices? Please comment. I really do care about your opinions.

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