What Undergarments To Wear At Your Photo Shoot

This is an often overlooked category. Until you are in the dressing room at your photo session.

WOMEN -Nude strapless bra – padded or not. -Black strapless bra – padded or not. -Spanx if you like. -Nude briefs or thong. -Black briefs or thong.

-Wear items that look great under your clothing, and that make you feel glamorous.

GIRLS -Nude spaghetti strap tank top. -Black spaghetti strap tank top. -No Spanx or similar. Let’s not make girls feel bad about their weight. That will happen soon enough. :( -Nude briefs.

GUYS OF ALL AGES -A thin undershirt. -Solid boxer briefs.

You have it so much easier. Just be comfortable.

EVERYONE: Try your clothing on with your undergarments. Make sure nothing is showing or bunching up.

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