I think the question I am asked most often is what to wear for a photo shoot. I have a lot of information to share, so I am going to break it into a few posts.

It doesn’t matter what is currently in fashion. Your clothing should be more on the classic side and most importantly, flattering to you. Let’s talk shape.

-DON’T WEAR BULK Y OR BAGGY CLOTHES. I guess it’s fine for a few shots, but don’t think you are hiding those extra pounds. Baggy clothing just makes you look bigger. It is your photographer’s job to make you look the best you can look. Hiding the extra pounds is in how the photographer poses you. I'm good for hiding at least 20 pounds.

-Your clothes should fit close to your body but not be tight. It’s uncomfortable and it makes posing much harder. Slim-fitting clothing is the way to go. Tight clothing shows every bulge. -Ladies: Belts are a “yes.” So are clothing items that are shaped with a waist.

-Make sure your buttons, zippers, and seams are not pulling.

-Do a 360 in front of a friend who will be honest with you. Obviously the back is the least important.

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