COLOR CHOICES FOR INDIVIDUALS My advice always: Everyone looks good in pink. Even the guys.

Whatever color you wear near your face will reflect up onto your skin. So lime and orange are not great choices for those of us with light skin. If you want to wear these colors, do it in the bottoms, belt, bracelets, etc.

The more contrast between your hair and skin, the more bold the color can be. For instance, if you have jet black hair and very pale skin, you can wear emerald green or rich purple.

If you have blond hair and pale skin, please don’t wear bright colors like fuchsia and orange. These colors will overwhelm you. Stick with mid-tones and pastels.

People of color such as Black, Indian, can wear bold colors and look amazing.


If you are trying to coordinate a group, please don’t all wear matching outfits. The days of jeans and white shirts are long gone. Choose a color family that works for the majority of people—that may be pastels or brights. Ask your photographer for suggestions, or Google it. If you really want to wear all blue shirts, then choose different shades of blue such as turquoise, baby blue, aqua, cadet, etc.

The idea is to coordinate, not match. Make sure you are clear on style—how dressy or how casual. You don’t want a guy in a plaid shirt and cowboy boots and a woman in a beaded dress. In general, solids are best since too many patterns can make the image look really busy.

Jeans, skirts, leggings, white pants can work together as long as they coordinate with the overall color scheme. Subtle, low-contrast prints can fit in if kept to a minimum.


Again, please don’t wear matching outfits. Coordinating is always better. In general, the rules are about the same as for groups but you can be a bit bolder. I don’t love when one person is in bright jade green and the other is in off-white. It always makes me feel like one is a peacock. Both individuals should be equally important. Consider the energy of both outfits.

You will be living with these images for a long time. Make sure you take more than just a moment to consider your options.

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