Another photographer that I love, love, love is Peter Hurley. He is the #1 headshot photographer in NYC, probably in the US, maybe even the world. He’s a high-energy, funny guy that says “shabang!” a lot. He’s responsible for plain white backgrounds and cropped off heads. Peter also invented the squinch. Ask me.

I’ve been doing headshots a long time, but I always feel like I can improve and I want to stay current. I hope to get to one of his in-person classes this summer if I can get my act together. I’ve seen many of Peter’s video tutorials but there is only so much you can learn from a video. Having Peter looking over your shoulder and telling you what you are doing wrong, while ridiculously nerve-wracking and intimidating, is the best way to learn since you don’t know what you don’t know.

See Peter’s talent at

Note: I did not take this image of Peter Hurley. I would be happy to give credit if I knew who did.

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