"I know what beauty looks like." -Sue Bryce

Sue Bryce is my hero. She is a dazzling portrait photographer, but she is so much more than that. Sue is a mentor, cheerleader, teacher, pioneer, trailblazer, and a million other things I can’t think of right now.

Being a visual person, I obsessively look at photos on Pinterest. Every time I would see an image that I thought was brilliant, it was created by Sue Bryce. Her work was so unique. I don’t think I had ever really seen anything like it. She tries new things and never feels like she needs her images to look like anything else. This is also the origin of my obsession with tulle.

This woman bares her soul to her followers. Sue tells us about all of her mistakes, her low points-like vomiting before she had to speak in public the first time-, and how she clawed her way out of those holes to get where she is today. There is something very comforting in knowing, at least to me, that genuinely successful people have not always floated through life. I think it gives the rest of us hope and relieves a bit of the pressure.

Sue will also slap you upside the head if needed. No excuses, no blaming. You have to take responsibility and fix it. I appreciate that about her. I don’t have the words to explain all the learning that she has transferred to me. I’m planning on hitting Portrait Masters next year so I can absorb all this greatness in person!

Check out Sue’s genius at http://suebryce.com

I did not take this portrait of Sue Bryce. I would credit the photographer but I don't know who they are.

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