1. About a week before the shoot, try Crest White Strips to brighten your teeth if needed.

  2. Get your nails done-fingers and toes. Neutral polish is best, but if you want bright red, then go for it. Guys, it’s not a bad idea to get a manicure. Don’t let hangnails ruin your amazing portraits. But no polish, clear or otherwise, please. Unless that’s who you are and you wear it every day.

  3. Ladies: wax your upper lip, legs and eyebrows (and other places if you are doing a boudoir shoot). Have this done a few days before so any redness will have subsided.

  4. Moisture your body like crazy in the week before the shoot. This includes lips.

  5. About one week prior, get your roots done. Maybe a trim. I don’t recommend any dramatic changes before your session.

  6. Avoid anything elastic that will leave marks—especially if you are doing boudoir—24 hours before the shoot.

  7. Make sure your clothing is pressed and hanging.

  8. Don’t forget to pack shoes, undergarments, and jewelry.

  9. Clean your jewelry (especially rings) so they will sparkle like your eyes.

  10. Get a good night’s sleep, and no alcohol. Photoshop can’t fix a puffy face.

  11. If you have sensitive skin, bring your own makeup.

  12. If you are very partial to a particular lip color, bring it.

  13. Eat before you leave.

  14. GUYS: If you want some shots with stubble, that’s fine. But be sure to bring your razor to clean up during the shoot.

  15. STAY. OUT. OF. THE. SUN. This is not only because you don’t want to be red in your photos, but also sun damage leads to wrinkles and skin cancer. No self-tanners unless you are a pro. Please don’t go to a tanning booth. If you insist on getting color, get a professional spray tan. A light one.

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