12 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Photographer

Every photographer is different.There are no standards in the industry, which makes it hard for clients to compare.So you need to ask a lot of questions.There isn’t a right or wrong answer to these questions.But these are things you should know so that there is no confusion later.Your photographer should cover these points with you, but like all humans, we sometimes make mistakes.

  1. What is included in the shoot?

  2. Will it be natural lighting or studio lights?

  3. Will we be shooting indoors or outdoors?

  4. Is there a theme to my shoot?

  5. Is retouching included? If so, how many images?

  6. How long until I am able to see proofs?

  7. What is included in the packages?

  8. Will I have printing rights?

  9. Will I receive digitals and prints?

  10. Is there a contract that spells all of this out?

  11. What happens if I am sick the day of the shoot?

  12. What if the photos don’t turn out the way I had hoped?

If there is something you want, ASK for it.This is your photo shoot.You are paying.If the photographer can accommodate you, they usually will.

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