10 Posing Tips for Men

I know that almost everything I write is for the women, but now it’s your turn. Guys want to look good, too. Here are some easy tips for you:

  1. Unlike women, guys want to look wider-especially in the shoulders so keep them square to the camera. You can turn your face slightly left or right.

  2. Push your chin forward and down. Even if you are not worried about a double chin, a strong jaw is the hallmark of a handsome male model.

  3. There’s this thing called the squinch. If I ever photograph you, ask me about it.

  4. If there is a wall nearby, lean on it with your shoulder.

  5. Put one hand in your front or back pocket. The other can just hang, relaxed.

  6. Or both hands can go in the pockets.

  7. That one hand from the pocket can also push your hair straight back from the forehead.

  8. Drop one shoulder lower than the other for interesting angles.

  9. Never cross your legs the way a woman does.

  10. Try taking a step forward and rocking back and forth if your feet will be in the image.

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