My Top 5 Smart Decisions

1. Working out of my house. This is the best decision ever. I don’t need to accept projects I don’t want to do. I can work as much or as little as I like. If a client reschedules or is late, it’s no big deal. I can find a million things to do instead. 2. Using Styrofoam backdrops. These can be painted any color. I can paint one side and wallpaper the other. And Styrofoam is incredibly easy to move. 3. Adding consultations. Clients are so much more prepared. I haven’t had anyone show up with the wrong clothes. It makes the resulting images exceedingly better. 4. Printing images. I just can’t say enough about how important this is. When showing a client their printed images for the first time, the satisfaction is far superior to handing them a thumb drive or CD. Or even worse, mailing it to them.

5. Posing instruction. At one time I felt like I shouldn’t give too many directions because the client wouldn’t look like their natural selves. But 2 years later I will confess it’s probably the best change I have made. The clients look better in the portraits, and I believe they are more comfortable being directed because most don’t know how (or THINK they don't know how) to pose.

Looking forward to seeing you all through my lens!!

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