Behind-the-Scenes Set Up from the Q Center Photo Shoot

On Monday I spent the entire day at the Q Center taking headshots for Accenture. First, I want to say that the Q Center is epic! I’ve passed by it before, but I have never been inside. It is spectacular. Very well-maintained, everyone is so nice and organized. Accenture was there for a conference. Q Center really does it up right. They had a beautiful spread of food and drink, little plates, the whole deal. Well done, Q Center.

Here is a replica of the set up I brought for the headshots.

The round light is called a beauty dish. Because everyone is beautiful. Also because it provides even, flat light to the face. This kind of light hides a lot of skin issues such as wrinkles and blemishes. It’s an excellent light for portraits.

Obviously, that’s my camera on the tripod.

The backdrop is a pop-up fabric style. The other side is off-white, which I don't like too much.

It was a great day with two great companies and countless great people.

Looking forward to seeing you all in front of my lens!!

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