5 Reasons You Should Start Blogging

I’ll bet all of you know way more than you think you do. Why not share it with the world?

Blogging is:

  1. Great therapy. It’s good to get your thoughts out. Just be careful not to share anything too personal. There are weirdos out there.

  2. Helpful to others. Maybe you know a lot about eating healthy or hockey. Maybe you just discovered a great product or clothing line.

  3. Supportive. Sharing something you are going through may help someone in a similar situation feel less alone.

  4. Creative. Some people can’t paint or draw, but they can write. A creative outlet is good for your soul. No one said your blog had to be factual. But be sure your audience knows if it is fiction.

  5. Documenting. I guess it’s the same as a diary or journal. You can look back and see your progress no matter what you blog about.

Looking forward to seeing you all in front of my lens!!

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