I am NOT Shallow.

Still obsessing over fashion and beauty images, I wanted to mention that while many people think this is shallow and frivolous, fashion and beauty IS art. It’s not painting and sculpting in a traditional sense, but it’s art nonetheless. I believe that art is critical to our well-being. Art heals our soul. It doesn't matter if you are creating, listening, watching, observing, it's like laughter. We all need it. There are countless studies about the healing properties of art and laughter. Art in fashion allows people to express themselves and be creative in ways they can’t in everyday life. This type of art can change your mood, change the way others view you, and change the world-- even if it’s in a small way.

Think about a woman who walks into a meeting in a suit that makes her look remarkable—she feels like she can take on the world. She’s having an incredible hair day, and her makeup in on point. Because of all of this, her confidence is through the roof. This woman negotiates an extraordinary price for a struggling company that is ready to close its doors and she saves 1,000 jobs. THAT’S the power of fashion and beauty. If this woman had an exquisite painting at home and wore a plain dress that day, would the outcome have been the same? Maybe. But I think you get my point.

Carry on.

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