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Oops, I did it again. I haven’t been blogging. But I’m back. For now. One of the reasons I have been a slacker is because I have still been at it with the fashion and beauty shoots. I’m keen on collaborating with creatives. This adventure has led me to some genuinely cool and talented people. It has also reconnected me with people I haven’t seen in a long while. Everyone has clever ideas and the results have been soul-satisfying.

Much to my surprise, every shoot has been published but one. And I’m not giving up on that just yet. This is not something I ever dreamed of doing. Alas, it is blasted time consuming. The planning, the shopping, the shooting, the editing, the labeling, the uploading. Each publication has its own rules, sizes, etc. so I’m not sure how much more I will be submitting. I certainly won’t get rich from it. Not that money was the plan, but it would be nice so I can pay for all this equipment I keep buying.

I need to get back to the Meetups and teaching. On February 3, I’ve set up a Fairy photoshoot—mostly because I adore fairies. I’ve already spent way too much time on costumes and accessories. I’m looking for photographers, models, makeup artists, hairstylists, to join us. All the information is available at so check it out and sign up right away.

Of course, I will be posting photos on this blog so stay tuned and “I believe in fairies, and you should, too!” -Eva Wiseman

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