Every Day is Halloween Photo Shoot

Exploring The Alternative

Not every girl wants to wear skinny jeans and sneakers. Some girls want to wear black leather. Ella Weasler loves performing in theatre and improv almost as much as she loves her family. Theatre has influenced the way she dresses and thinks about fashion; it has exposed her to various diverse eras. She is not only a talented actor and singer, but she is also experimental when it comes to the way she dresses. Ella did her own hair and makeup for this shoot, and came up with her own poses.

Black outfits and crazy makeup is not something kids wear at her school. But part of growing up is trying on different personas and seeing what fits. Theatre is a perfect avenue for that.

Most kids just want to fit in. Standing out is usually something to be avoided at all costs. So when a girl is brave enough to step out from the crowd, that is something to be applauded. It shows leadership. It shows creativity. Independence. Confidence. Qualities we hope to instill in our girls.

Inside, Ella is sugar and spice. She is a Girl Scout and enjoys traveling with her family. Her volunteer work includes Feed My Starving Children and Naper Settlement. Proof that you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Ella also loves flowers and girly things. She will certainly try on other looks as time goes on. But one thing is for certain: Ella will never be a follower.

Writer/Photographer: Tracy Whiteside



Model/Hair/Makeup: Ella Weasler


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