Model Scams Part 1

Lately I have seen too many less than honest posts on Facebook groups and on Instagram, Twitter and even LinkedIn. I see so many things that bother me as a parent, as a photographer, and as a human being.

I know most people want to believe that someone is going to make them a star. But I am here to tell you the hard truths. At one time I was a licensed talent agent and ran a modeling agency. I still work with professional models, have talent agent friends, professional actor friends, and have spent the last 15 years in the entertainment industry. Please trust me.

1. If you see something about training or developing models, it most likely is NOT an agency. It is a company that will charge you for classes. That in itself is not a bad thing, but I don’t like when people are not upfront about what they do. Don’t pretend to be an agency if you are not.

2. If someone calls themselves a “model scout” it is probably not an agency.

3. You can submit to real agencies for free. Most allow you to upload photos and measurements to their site. These photos do not need to be professional. The agencies want you to look natural.

4. Do your research before going to a model call or open call. Look at the website. Look at the Facebook page. Google the company with the word “scam” after it.

5. Same goes for photographers, events, or anything else you might attend.

6. Never pay to attend a casting call. If payment for anything is required upfront, it’s not legit.

7. A legit FASHION agency will usually pay for a model’s development photos. Commercial agencies will not do this. Chicago is a big commercial city.

8. I intensely dislike companies that use other photographers’ images for their advertising. It’s dishonest. Use photos of your own models.

9. Pageants usually require selling big $$ ads, buying expensive dresses, paying for very high-priced hair and makeup experts, and more. Just be aware.

10. Never go anywhere alone.

11. Never give out your address. Town is ok but not your actual address. If someone is mailing you a check, use your work address or get a post office box. This obviously doesn’t apply to Ford Models. I think it’s safe to give them your address.

More to come in my next post....

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