Model Scams Part 2

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12. A portfolio is built over time. It is not done in one session with one photographer.

13. Go to Ford Models and look at the ”NEW” models’ photos. Also check out Elite and IMG “Development” models. These are the looks you want to start building your portfolio. Even if you are not typical fashion model height and size, this is still what most agencies and clients are looking for to start.

14. Look at the fashion models’ hair and makeup. Look at their nails. Clients and agencies want to know what you really look like.

15. Once you have these basic shots, you can start adding on fashion, fantasy, commercial, whatever you like.

16. Look classy, not trashy.

17. NEVER send nudes or lingerie shots--especially if someone requests them. No reputable photographer or agency will ask. You will notice that Ford and Elite models do not have any tacky nudes or booty shots. PLEASE!!! You don’t have to do this to be a model. You will attract the wrong people.

18. Although I am not a fan, classy fine art nudes are ok for your portfolio. But they need to be ART—not porn. Learn the difference. Less is more--as in the less you show the better. And remember: Do you want your grandparents to see these photos? One day, you will probably have children. Do you want them to see these photos? What about their friends? Trust me when I tell you that kids can and will find anything on the internet. Do you want your kids teased mercilessly at school? Do you want the other parents to see these photos? Proceed wisely.

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For Part 1, click here

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