Take Me To Church

I'll worship like a dog

Nearer to Thee Tracy Whiteside
Death Becomes Her
Let It Bleed
Blinded by the Light
Dark Angel
Red Skies
Red Angel
Concrete Angel
Angel Baby

For most, religion is a comfort. It is clear, understandable. For some, it is fraught with shame, turmoil, burden, and a host of other complicated emotions.  

This may be my favorite creative art portfolio.  My mother was Christian but did not practice organized religion.  She believed you could pray to God anywhere, as do I.  My father was Jewish and claimed to be Atheist although he knew about every religion in great detail.  He studied them and found religion fascinating. 

My parents felt that I should be exposed to organized religion and make my own choice when I was older. I remember my them having a fight over a plastic mother of pearl cross I received from a church that I attended with my friend and her parents.  I was about 5.  I didn't really understand what was going on.  Then my mother found out that the church was Southern Baptist and thought dancing was a sin.  So that was the end of my formal religious education.  I can't say that any of this traumatized me in any way, but it did spark an interest in religion for me.  All I know for sure is God is love.