Veils of Melancholy





Watch What Happens

Time is on My Side

Your Time is Gonna Come

Death Becomes Her

Trapped in Tulle

Countess Bride

Ghostly Bride

I Will Never Marry

Marry Young


Fresh Poison

Earthly Scene




Starving Faithful

This dark art is the most popular for sale.  We hide so much from the world.  Sometimes we just want to disappear.  And people will let us.   We don't speak up for ourselves.  We don't go places.  We sit quietly in a meeting or in the classroom. 
But then what happens?  Our self-worth begins to disappear as well.  Our energy sags.  We start that horrible self-hate talk.  Things just get worse from there.  I know how hard it is to pull yourself out of that black hole.  But you are valued.  You are worth it.  People don't hate you.  They are just too worried about themselves to notice you hiding.  Do you feel their pain?  Come out from the  veil and greet the world.  We are here for you.

Dance of the Seven Veils?

Time is on My Side