Witch Hunt

They're burning all the witches even if you aren't one so light me up

Bad Moon Rising
Bad Influence
Waiting for the End Tracy Whiteside
Magical End Tracy Whiteside alt
The Witch
Waking the Witch
Burn the Witch Tracy Whiteside
The Killing Moon Tracy Whiteside
Bad to the Bone Tracy Whiteside
Dante's Limbo Tracy Whiteside
I Hope You Burn Tracy Whiteside

I once posted a photo of a creepy looking girl looking at a noose.  She was screaming.  The image was meant to be in recognition of the Salem Witch Trials.  People were upset by it.  Which I thought was interesting in view of all the graphic violence on TV and in movies.


So now my witches are magical.  They cast spells with the moon, levitate items, create smoke and fire, and generally look beautiful.


Practicing witchcraft is on the rise.  It ebbs and flows with our confidence in the "establishment."  The world is in a mess right now so people go outside the traditional to control their environment, their lives, their fortune, their fate.  If a witch wanted to do a cleansing spell on me, I would say, "Hell yes!" because there is no magic when one no longer believes.